5 Ways To Study Flashcards

There are many different ways to use flashcards as a student. Using flashcards to study for an upcoming quiz, test, or exam is a fantastic idea. Thankfully there is a variety of ways to use flashcards and you can easily find which best suits your needs for your specific classes as well as your learning style. Some of the methods described below will only be useful for certain classes or types of material, but there is always a way to study with flashcards no matter what class you’re taking!

Definitions & Dates

Memorize specific definitions and dates using flash cards. Create helpful sayings or remember certain facts. This is typically your standard way to use flashcards and is often seen with history, biology, or language classes.

Processes and/or Diagrams

There is often a specific order for things, use flash cards to remember a processes or draw a picture for a specific portion of the process.


Math classes can be difficult which means flashcards can be helpful to remember certain equations. Differential Equations was a class I took where we were not allowed to use a ‘cheetsheet’ or ‘guide’ during tests. This resulted in some hardcore memorizing of specific equations.

Brainscape App

The Brainscape app helps you to master all of your flashcards. You have the option to choose how many cards you’d like to study at any given time.


The AnkiApp allows you to personalize your flashcards, you can add images or sounds! This would be great for someone taking a music course.




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