6 Realistic New Years Resolutions For 2020

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Resolutions, goals, habits, whatever you’d like to call them, it’s important we all have them. Why? Because outlining what we’d like to achieve and setting an action plan to work towards that goal makes us better people. And who doesn’t want to be a better person?

Let’s be honest though, many New Years resolutions are pretty far-fetched and possibly unattainable. That’s why making realistic goals is key to both achieving them and not overwhelming yourself.

6 New Years Resolutions For 2020

Build a Routine

Have you ever had those super stressful days where you wish you didn’t have to think about anything? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, having a solid routine usually combats the overthinking. If you don’t already have one, create a morning and evening routine for yourself. (Even consider organizing your entire week if you’re a type-A person like myself.) As you practice your daily routines and get further into the year, you’ll notice yourself almost following your routine as if you were a robot – not even thinking about it! Your routine will become second-nature and it will be a lifesaver for those days when you’re feeling overwhelmed; because you’ll know exactly what to do and won’t have to think about it.

Care For Yourself First

As a busy college student, we’re often pulled in a multitude of directions. So many directions that we frequently forget to take care of ourselves. Make it a priority this year to make yourself a priority. Consider what makes you happy and relaxed – now do more of those things! It’s important to take care of your mind, body, and soul. If you feel yourself drifting out of balance, take note and take care of yourself. This might mean hitting the gym, making a nutritious meal, chatting with a friend, getting outside, or doing some meditation – this will be different for everyone.

Make it a priority this year to make yourself a priority

Land An Internship

Gaining work experience while going to school is extremely important. It can be especially important depending on your degree – some programs even require internships in order to graduate! No matter if you’re an underclassman or super-senior, make it a point this year to get an internship. I highly recommend reading Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht if you’re in a business or life sciences college; particularly Fashion. I also recommend reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg – no matter what your degree is (this is my all-time top recommendation).

Read More Books

Speaking of reading… consider branching out and reading a few books this year. Did you know that reading is one of the key indicators of a successful person? Take Bill Gates for example, he is constantly working his way through MULTIPLE books on any given day. If you haven’t seen the Bill Gates docu-series on Netflix – YOU NEED TO! Your inner-nerd will appreciate this series. But I digress, make a goal for yourself to read more than you have in the past. For me, my goal is to read 12 books this year (or one a month). Below are the books on my reading list this year:

Volunteer Your Time

If you can, consider finding time in your busy schedule to volunteer. This could be something as simple as offering free tutoring or dog walking. Or, it could be a bit more complex like planning and leading a walkathon or organizing an event for a non-profit. Finding a way to volunteer your time in a related field to your major is an added bonus. You’ll get the joy of volunteering and get to add it to your resume at the same time. If you’ve never volunteered before, I cannot recommend it enough!

Learn a New Skill

I know, I Know.. by this point you’re probably screaming at me, “Hayle, when exactly am I supposed to find time to learn something new along with everything else you’ve already listed?!” And look, I get it, I’ve been there. But there’s something so special about teaching yourself a new skill. I managed to learn how to create a blog, promote my brand, improve SEO, and manage social ads, all while getting my degree in Electrical Engineering. It’s possible. Maybe hard, but possible. Plus, learning a new skill would be the icing on the cake for your resume.


I think that one important goal we should all have this year is to be happy. Seek to find joy in the little things of life and practice gratitude for what you have. Share your love with friends and family – make someone smile each and every day.

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This post contains affiliate links to help keep this website running. To learn more about affiliate links, click here.