28 Exciting Things To Do This Summer

Every year when the weather finally starts to warm up I get this unexpected excitement and energy to try new things and get outside. I love the thrill of the Summer months, there’s something about the heat and endless adventure that gets me pumped.

28 Exciting Things To Do This Summer

If you’re a bit of an adventurous soul and have a strong feeling of wanderlust, but you aren’t sure what to do in the Summer then let this list be your guide.

I’ve only listed activities that I myself would enjoy doing so feel free to modify it to fit your own desires. For example, you will never see skydiving on my list, ever, but if that’s something you’d love to do, add it to yours!!

The Best Summer Activities.

I decided it’d be best to break down this list of 28 things into 3 different categories. This summer my goal is to explore more, seek out adventure, and try to live my ideal lifestyle.

Explore My Surroundings.

I love to be outside and explore new places, and in my opinion, summer is the best time to do that. Exploring can entail so many things, from hiking new trails to visiting the local zoo, or even taking a road trip!

Adventure Seeking.

There’s something about summertime that usually makes me a bit more adventurous than usual. I like to take this as an opportunity to get outside my comfort zone and try new things. The two main things on my summer list that stick out for this category are ziplining and rock climbing!

Ideal Lifestyle.

Improving myself and how I live is something I’m constantly striving for. I believe that we all have something we can improve on and we each have our own ideal lifestyle that we’re trying to meet. This could be something as simple as going to a farmer’s market every weekend or as complex as training for a half marathon!

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28 Things To Do During Summer.

This list of summer activities that I plan to accomplish is in no particular order. I suggest you use this as a guide for creating your own summer bucket list! There’s so much to do during the summer and with three full months, you have so much time to check off your favorite items. 

1. Go paddleboarding
2. Zipline
3. Shop at the local farmer’s market
4. Find a hidden mountain lake
5. Go camping and sit around a fire
6. Run a 5k or half marathon
7. Go to a drive-in movie
8. Take a winery tour
9. Float the river
10. Swim in a lake
11. Watch fireworks
12. Take a road trip
13. Read in a hammock
14. Go stargazing
15. Go hiking and explore a new trail
16. Visit a county/state fair
17. Eat popsicles poolside
18. Roast marshmallows over a fire
19. Play minigolf and race go-carts
20. Plant a small garden
21. Have a picnic at a local park
22. Learn how to rock climb
23. Visit the botanical gardens
24. Explore the local zoo
25. Try mountain biking
26. Sunbathe on the beach
27. Play soccer at a local park
28. Be a tourist in my own city for a day