7 Ways To Relax and De-Stress in College

Going to college can induce a whole new level of stress into our lives. Ever feel the need to pull an all-nighter before an exam or get panicked about finishing a project, paper, or lab report on time? Or maybe you’re chronically stressed from the sheer fact that your course load is too heavy and you literally have no time for anything – well, I’ve been there and I get it.

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7 Ways To Relax and De-Stress

When you start to feel a bit overwhelmed the first thing I recommend that you always do, no matter the situation, is to stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, and breathe. Once you’ve taken a minute to calm yourself, consider doing one of these seven things to relax and repair your mind.

Tidy Your Space.

If you’ve consistently let your dorm room or apartment sit last on your list and it’s looking a bit neglected, take a few minutes to tidy up your space and put things away. The simple joy of a clean room/space will help put your mind at ease and make you feel more comfortable.

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Get Outside.

Fresh air can do wonders for the mind. Take a quick stroll around campus or go find a nearby trail to wander down. Keep your phone in your pocket and let yourself enjoy your surroundings. A little tech-free time is good for your mind.

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People are often said to be the most comfortable when they’re laughing. Spend some time with your favorite people, watch a funny movie, or think of your favorite jokes. Laughter makes us relax – it’s that simple.

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Get your heart rate pumping! You could do something as simple as going on a run or doing some laps in the pool. Or you could kick it up a notch and do a HIIT workout or a group fitness class. I personally enjoy a good HIIT workout or run when I’m feeling stressed – it helps me to get out all my frustrations.

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Yoga & Meditation.

For more of a subtle version of moving your body try out some yoga or sit and meditate for a bit. I always find a sense of calmness after doing yoga for an hour or even just meditating for 5 minutes. Meditating before bed can also help you to fall asleep faster and get a better night’s rest.

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Get it out on paper. Writing down your thoughts and emotions can help relieve any pent up stress. If writing isn’t your style, then type up a quick note on your phone or talk it out with a close friend or family member. Getting our thoughts out of our mind can be a relief from the stress we’re feeling.

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Are you stressed and anxious because you haven’t gotten enough sleep? Take a half hour or so and enjoy a quick nap. I also recommend that you make the conscious decision to go to be early when you’re feeling stressed. Our bodies need sleep to absorb information and recuperate from the day.

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Try not to stress too much about college and your classes. Yes, it’s important to learn and it’s important to pass your classes. But try not to put too much pressure on yourself. The most important thing to remember is that college isn’t the end-all-be-all.

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