8 Creative Study Techniques

As finals week approaches it’s time to hunker down and study our brains to mush. As much as I’d like to admit that I loved to study, I didn’t. It was the task that seemed the least appealing and I never thought It really helped. There are a few tricks that I’ve learned along the way to help make studying a little bit more fun. Today, in preparation for finals week, I’ll be sharing with you 8 Creative Study Techniques.

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8 Creative Study Techniques | College Tips | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

Listen to Recorded Lectures.

Running out of time and need to multitask? Grab a pair of headphones and listen to important lectures. The key here is to record them in the first place. 😉 You can easily make dinner, run on the treadmill, or walk between classes while listening to a previous lecture. Doing this will help the material stick in your head.

Make a Song.

Growing up my mom would always suggest making a cheer or a song when I was studying. Truth be told, it’s never failed me. If there’s something you’re having trouble remembering, make a song for it and memorize it. Chances are, you’ll find yourself singing it during the exam and you’ll be good to go when you get that troubling question.

Re-Write Your Notes.

Have you ever been scrolling on Pinterest and been in awe of the pretty and perfect notes that some people somehow magically make? Yeah, me too. With that being said, make your own! Take the most important pieces of lecture and make a pretty study guide. Fill it with color and fun arrows, banners, boxes, anything you’d like! Re-Writing and going over the material will help you study, plus you’ll have some fun notes to show off.

No Phone, No Distractions.

Keeping your phone near you when studying is a big no-no. I thought just flipping it over would be good enough, but it’s not. Hide it in the bottom of your backpack or give it to a friend to keep until you’re done. As much as you think you need your phone, you really don’t. It’ll pay off when you ace your exam!

Snacks & Treats.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then this technique will be your favorite. If you’re studying with flashcards, or even with complicated math problems, once you’ve answered a certain number of questions correctly treat yourself with a snack or a small treat. Having that reward will help you stay motivated to keep studying. The trick is to not eat the snack or treat until you’ve successfully completed the task!

Post-it Notes.

Create a study guide for yourself out of post-it notes! Hang them all over your wall to create a fun study space. Seeing all the colorful stickies will help you remember certain facts or words that you tend to forget. This would be perfect for creating a flow chart or if there’s a specific process you need to learn.

Keep Moving.

I mentioned listening to a lecture while running on a treadmill. I wasn’t joking – I’ve done this before. If you’re sitting at the same desk or table for countless hours on end, you’re going to get restless. Keep your body moving. If you have to stay in the same spot, then get up and walk around every half-hour. Do some random jumping jacks or push-ups. Not only will this keep you awake, but it’ll get the blood moving in your body – allowing your brain to absorb even more information! If you can, keep changing up your study spots find some hidden gems on campus and study there.

Make it a Game.

Turn studying into a game by hiding questions all over your dorm room or apartment. The goal is to turn your daily life into a challenge. Need to use the microwave? Answer the question on the door and you can. Looks like there’s a question on the remote – you can’t watch tv until you solve that problem. I don’t recommend this being your main study strategy, but it would be a great addition to keep certain facts or problems on your mind.

Who said studying couldn’t be fun? If you go about it in a different and unique way you’ll find that studying can actually be somewhat enjoyable. I hope you’ve enjoyed these 8 creative study techniques, good luck on your next exam!


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