Bloom + Amplify

Originally launched in 2015 under a different name, Bloom + Amplify, has grown and sprouted into a bustling hub for college students.

The name of our blog provides meaning and inspiration for students currently earning their degrees. The word Bloom represents a new beginning or fresh start while the word Amplify symbolizes growth and improvement. Two things that all college students will experience multiple times throughout their time at school and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Hayle Santella

Hayle Olson Santella

Founder + Editor-in-Chief

Hayle originally created back in February 2014 as a creative outlet while she studied Electrical Engineering. Since then, her website has evolved into Bloom + Amplify and so much more. She’s recently married, resulting in a name change and a desire to separate her college blog from her personal site.

Name: Hayle Santella
School: Iowa State University
Major/Degree: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
Status/Class: Graduated – Class of 2016

We’re looking for volunteers to join our team!

As Bloom + Amplify grows and reaches a larger audience, we need to bring on helpful team members to write and edit copy, manage our social media accounts, create digital assets, and manage our community groups.

If any of these positions sound interesting, please email us with your resume and why you’d be a great fit at Bloom + Amplify. (