I Landed My Dream Internship at The Marketing Arm

Gaining work experience while going to school is extremely important. It can be especially important depending on your degree – some programs even require internships in order to graduate! But imagine if you could get the internship of your dreams. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Jenna and in today’s Student Story she’s going to share her experience of landing her dream internship in Dallas.

Jenna Urben of The Urben Life Landing Her Dream Internship

Name: Jenna Urben
School: University of Texas at Dallas
Major/Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Emerging Media and Communication
Status/Class: Graduated – Class of 2015

My Dream Internship

I had two internships before this one and they were both fantastic. I wouldn’t classify them as “dream internships” though because I couldn’t exactly see myself working at the companies long-term at that time. They both taught me a lot about working in an office and collaborating with others, but neither had open entry-level positions available.

I wanted to work at a large top marketing agency during my senior year of college. The Marketing Arm had an office downtown and I knew I would learn so much about marketing and events if I worked for this agency.

Applying and Interviewing For An Internship

First off, I definitely tailored my resume to highlight my background in marketing, branding, and events. I found the job position online, applied through their website, and crossed my fingers!

Do your research! Understand the company, their culture, the different teams, and clients. Also, follow up if you don’t hear back within a week or two of submitting your application or interviews. Stay top of mind and friendly.

I had phone screenings with two recruiters and a phone interview with a couple of account coordinators and supervisors. After the phone interviews, I was invited to come into their office and interview with members from human resources and my future co-workers! It was a great experience and helped me learn more about the company, their culture, what type of projects they work on, and where I would fit in.

Teamwork & Mentorships

The internship lasted one semester, during my final semester of college! I went into the office a couple of days a week when I didn’t have class. I was an experiential intern on the best team in the office. I helped where I was needed whether that was doing market research, pulling reports together, assisting with processing invoices, or simply anticipating who I could help next.

I had two mentors during my internship. Both of my supervisors were extremely supportive and helpful. We had several meetings throughout my internship and they encouraged me to participate in team meetings more and take on additional responsibilities.

Jenna is a blogger at The Urben Life where she shares Food & Recipes, Travel, and Healthy Living content. You can also find her on Instagram @theurbenlife. We’d like to formally thank Jenna for sharing her Student Story here on Bloom + Amplify.

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