Transferring Schools: Finding The Right University For Me

Sometimes the school of your dreams doesn’t turn out to be so, life happens and you get thrown a curveball, or your expectations don’t match your needs. As students, when we find ourselves in these situations, oftentimes our best solution is to transfer schools. As daunting as this choice may seem, doing what’s best for you is the most important.

Today’s student story is brought to you by Madison Maki, a recent graduate from Bemidji State University who studied Business Administration.

Name: Madison Maki
School: Bemidji State University
Major/Degree: Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Management
Status/Class: Graduated – Class of 2019

How To Know Transfering Is Right For You

I transferred schools the second semester of my freshman year. I decided to transfer because the school I was at didn’t seem like the right fit for me. I was 6 hours away from my family and miserable. I knew crying 3-4 times a week wasn’t normal and always wanting to stay in my dorm.

For my wellbeing, I needed to transfer when I did. Sometimes I wonder how things would have turned out if I would have stayed longer and been more open-minded about the university. I do not regret my decision and I am very happy now, but I also wonder if I could have been happy there also.

I knew that if I transferred home for at least one semester I would be able to find myself. My parents had moved to a new town after I graduated high school (away from my friends and boyfriend), but I knew that by going home I’d be comforted by my family every day as I navigated this new town.

The Transfer Process Isn’t That Bad

The initial transferring wasn’t too bad. You need to make sure you complete all the steps, so you don’t end up paying for unnecessary bills and fees. A good place to start is to have a chat with your RA to discuss moving out of your dorm and get the paperwork. Once that portion is complete there is a little more paperwork to be done with residential life, to make sure they know you are moving out and to cancel your meal plan if need be. Then, you would need to get your official transcript sent to the new school you will be attending so you can get your credits transferred. Meeting with a transfer specialist at the new school you will be attending is also a great thing to do. It is also very important to do the necessary steps with your financial aid to make sure they know what you are up to.

Life After Transfering Schools

My life has really flipped around since I decided to transfer and I ended up in my hometown again (not where my parents currently live). I have made new friends, who I love to hang out with. I realized that freshman year I was depressed and being back in my hometown and working on myself made me realize that this is a fun time in my life, and that I could become happy again. I graduated in three and a half years even with transferring twice. Not all transfers slow you down if you do it right. I am now enrolled in an MBA program that started in January 2020. I am also excited to be a part of 4 of my friend’s weddings this year!

Being At The Right College Is Important

I do believe finding the right college for you is a must. Yes, you can get the same degree at many colleges, but you won’t always have the same experience. The atmosphere is huge for your learning experiences. School shouldn’t always be painful and hard. When you find the right fit, it should also be fun.

My advice to anyone that is thinking about transferring is to just go for it! Yes, it may be a hassle at first. Yes, it is another transition but if the school and area is a better fit for you then it’s definitely worth it in the long run. I don’t regret starting my journey off at the first university because through my two transfers I learned so much about myself and everything I was capable of. It is well worth it and can truly change your college experience for the better.

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